Welcome to Shoeburyness Chapter No 6665

Grand Lodge’s Board of General Purposes has declared that: ‘the teachings of the Royal Arch enrich those of the Craft and vice versa. Properly considered, therefore, each is inextricably interwoven with the other, with the result that no Brother’s Masonic experience can be considered complete unless he has been exalted into the Order of the Holy Royal Arch’. I couldn’t put it better myself. Our Chapter is made up from Brethren from many different Lodges not just the Shoeburyness Lodge, indeed the Three Principals, at present come from three different Lodges so you will see it’s also a great place to extend your Masonic friendships.

Shoeburyness Chapter was consecrated 7th September 1959 some eleven years after the Lodge sharing 5 of the same founders and I was lucky enough to be the MEZ, like the Master, of the Chapter for the second time on its 50 year celebration.

When considering joining the Royal Arch it’s important to know that, like the Craft, there are time and financial obligations. Chapters generally meet only 3 times a year and therefore the financial cost is less than that of your Craft Lodge, we still support the main Masonic Charities and the Royal Arch in fact had its own Appeal for its Bicentenary in 2013 for the Royal College of Surgeons. When thinking about the time commitment its probably wise to build in an expectation that you will want to expand your circle of Royal Arch Masons by visiting their Chapters. As for learning this too takes a similar route to the Craft, however, not all offices in the Chapter are progressive and many Companions prefer to pass through the Chair of their Lodge before taking on too much Royal Arch Ritual, but that is a personal thing and one I am only too happy to discuss with you, the important thing is to join this wonderful Order. If you would like more information please feel free to email me.

E Comp Richard Jordan ProvGSwdB Scribe E.