Worshipful Master W.Bro Keith Hudson 2019/2020


The Installation of Brother Keith Hudson into the Chair of King Solomon on the 9th of October was a splendid occasion with W.Bro. Robbie Shurmer again coming over from his home in Spain to install our new master.

Not only did Robbie install Keith but gave the address to the Master and also the toast to the Master at the festive board.

The menu chosen by Keith and the quality of the food were truly excellent with the port freely flowing alongside a lovely cheeseboard.

Keith invested his officers and conducted the business of the lodge in fine style and in a very pleasant manner.

The working tools were explained in an excellent manner by brothers Craig Bliss, Bob Gosling and W.Bro Richard Jordan.

The addresses to the Wardens and Brethren were expertly delivered by Worshipful Brothers Ian Hunt and Ken Jordan.

W.Bro Richard Jordan gave an excellent rendition of the Masters song to our new Worshipful Master.

All of the officers of Shoeburyness Lodge will be supporting W.Bro Keith in his year as Master and are looking forward to a fantastic year under his leadership.

Keith’s charity during his year as Master is the very worthy Masonic Charitable Foundation our own masonic charity that collects and distributes our monies to many varied and worthwhile causes, both masonic and non masonic.

Message from our Worshipful Master

I have struggled to choose just a single charity to support during my year as master, there are so many deserving causes. I have personally supported the RNLI as a Governor Member for 25 years, I remain in awe at the bravery of those men and women who put their lives at risk to save others, and I will continue to support them as best I can, directly in a personal capacity.

I have a high achieving Autistic Grandson and have experienced the frustrations that trying to obtain a proper and meaningful diagnosis and appropriate support can bring to a family.

I have a dear friend, the breadwinner of his family, who has recently died of a brain tumour aged forty four. There are four children, two still at school, two recently in work. How will his family cope? This is a deserving cause which can be supported by a charitable organisation; such an organisation does exist and they are in contact.

With the best will in the world we can but make, with your generosity, a little difference to the lives of those who are in great need.

Eventually the penny dropped with me, if we combined our efforts with other Freemasons how much more effective would our contribution become. The Masonic Charitable Foundation in Essex supported The Palliative Care Team of Colchester, Equal People of Performing Arts (Disabled and non disabled), 140 Essex Boys and Girls clubs (for disabled and non disabled), Grapevine Essex (For adults with learning difficulties), Mersea Island Festival Trust (Bringing together young people with or without physical or learning difficulties), Southend blind welfare organisation, Special needs and Parents Ltd. (looking after folk of between 0 and 25 years old who have special needs or are disabled). The YMCA serving young people, children and families for over 100 years. And of course providing support to our own through establishments like Stisted Hall in Braintree.

My chosen charity, is the charity of Masons, of brethren all, The Masonic Charitable Foundation. By supporting this one charity we help to support many.

Keith Hudson


Senior Warden             Worshipful Master        Junior Warden
  Bro. Craig Bliss                       W.Bro. Keith Hudson              W.Bro. Mike Egan

Officers of the Lodge 2019 - 2020
and distinguished visitors

Grand Patron Certificate presented to the Lodge by
W.Bro Tony White A.P.G.M.

The Worshipful Master being congratulated by his very 
good friend and D.C. W.Bro Roy Bryant

Brother Simon Bryant being welcomed into
the Shoeburyness Lodge by his father
W.Bro Roy Bryant